Slush Syrup FAQ's

Can I purchase boxes of syrup with mixed flavours?

Unfortunately you cannot mix flavours - our syrups come in convenient 2x 5L cases 

Where are your syrups made?

Eskimo Joe's slush syrups are made in UK. They are manufactured under full SGS and HACCP specifications.

What is the mixing ratio of your slush syrups?

The mixing ratio of our slush syrups is 1 part syrup to 5 parts water. Eg. 1 litre of syrup to 5 litres of water - this makes 6 litres of ready to drink slush. 

How long can I store diluted syrup?

You can store and serve diluted syrup for up to 2 days in a sealed container in a refrigerator that holds a constant <4C temperature. This is of course dependent on proper sanitisation of mixing and storage bottles and caps, and proper cleaning procedures of hands and handling when mixing syrups.

What do I do if I want to add alcohol to the slush syrup?

If you want to add alcohol to Eskimo Joe's syrups, after the slush has frozen add 750ml of alcohol per 10 litres of frozen slush.

Are your slush syrups gluten free, and lactose free?

Yes, all of Eskimo Joe's slush syrups are gluten free, and lactose free. You can view our range of slush syrups here.